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We provide an interactive learning environment for enhancing Education and Training, providing personalised experiences that deliver results with the ultimate goal of improved clinical outcomes.

Our goal is to provide educational opportunities for health care professionals of any level, conducted at a training facility or even online. These opportunities range from short online courses to preceptorship and mentoring.

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Dr Adam Teo: Does Design Matter? Real World Experience with SomnoDent Avant

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Join ASA Dental Sleep Medicine Council Co-chair, Dr Adam Teo, QLD to learn about his experience, considerations, and customised patient approach for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with mandibular advancement splints. Dr Teo will share his experiences with SomnoDent Avant and how this unique design helps his patients.

2022 Sleep DownUnder Industry Symposium

    Professor Jean-Louis Pepin
    Assessment of mandibular
    movement monitoring with
    machine learning analysis for
    the diagnosis of OSA.

    Professor Peter Cistulli
    The future of oral appliance

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    2022 Sleep Webinar Series

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    Access the on demand content from our 2022 Sleep Webinar Series.

    Press Learn More to see list of available topics.

    Latest Content available now... Dr Anna Mohammadieh presenting Obstructive sleep apnea therapy for cardiovascular risk reduction.

    This was the last in our 2022 program, we will be back in January 2023 with new topics! So keep an eye out for our invitations commencing 18 January.

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    You will be taken on an exciting journey to enhance your dental sleep medicine knowledge With 12 hours of online learning plus an opportunity to book for an exclusive face-to-face workshop, which comes with a preceptorship package, with our dental sleep medicine consultant, Dr Peter Collins.


    How do I learn more about each opportunity available?

    Select your area of interest, then click through to the specific course or event of interest for further details

    How long do I have access to the course content?

    It depends on the course. For free courses, access is unlimited. For a short courses which have an assessment at the end, access is limited at successful course completion. For a DSM preceptorship, online course content will be available for a week after the event.

    What payment methods do we accept?

    We directly accept PayPal payments.
    We accept the following types of credit card payments over the phone: VISA, MasterCard. Not American Express or Diners. Please call +61 2 9467 0400.